Guest Review

Guest Review dari Sri Murdani

Travel Periode  : 03 – 04 Maret 2016

Destination  : Kanto

Dear Wendy Tour

Thankyou very much for the nice Tokyo Rail Days I joined last week.

The journey began from the Shinjuku Station taking the Super View Odoriko heading for the Kawazu station.The scenery on either side was really super and time flew fast until we reached the IZU IMAIHAMA TOKYU HOTEL to have lunch.

Lunch at the hotel was great.The dishes served were very delicious.The cheff was very nice and friendly.All dishes seemed as we were in a grand dinner party.They were beautifully and elegantly set on prettily decorated tables.We were honourably treated.All the staff was respectful and honourable.When we said goodbye and thanked them gratefully, they even bowed deeply and repectfully.Japanese people are really great and honourable.Thankyou very much SMI Travel for giving us lunch at that hotel.

Day 1 visiting the Kawazu Sakura was successfully and satisfactorily enjoyed.It was great.The Kawazu-zakura were all in bloom beautifully along the Kawazu River on both sides.Beautiful and wonderful !  Thanks to you Wendy Tour for thisspecial occasion


Bravo. Bravo !

Day 2.Lake Kawaguchi welcomed us warm-heartedly with beautiful scenery all over the places.Nice breezes of wind and the sound of the little waves were so nice. Having lunch beside the lake was unforgetable experience.The leisure time brought us to the statue of ” Goddesses on the lake” by Gakuryo Nasu the wellknown of disciple of Japan’s greatest sculptor, the late Seibo Kitamura. We roamed around the lake and very much enjoyed the tranquility and fresh weather, having Mt.Fuji at a distance away beautiful and amazing..Day 2 was completely finished and we felt it was so hard to leave all that beautiful scenery.Anyway, bye lake Kawaguchi and I hope I’ll see you another time.

Day 3 . Hello Nikko Edo Wonderland

We enjoyed riding the Nikko train heading to Edo Wonderland.The train itself is very modern ! Thankyou for experiencing this.

When we entered the Edo Wonderland, we were taken to ancient Japan.Wooaalla!

Many performances were welcoming us.So many  that time was not enough for each of them Hahaha.We had the Grand Ninja Theater, the Ryogoku-za, the Mizugei-za the water tricks and outdoor performances.Taking a lot of photos which would remind us of those happy moments.We were satisfied and grateful.

Day 4.  Tokyo Tour The Gray Line.

It was a very packed day tour around Tokyo.The first point is Tokyo Tower.We enjoyed  having views around Tokyo from above..Time was short. We were taken to Meiji Shrine. What a distance to walk ! Ha ha ha. But it paid when we reached the Temple which greeted us warmly and sincerely.So many historical stories of it. Then we  were taken to visit The Imperial Palace Plaza,Double Bridge  instead of East Garden because it was on Monday. East Garden is closed on Monday.We ran out of time.We were taken  to Hama-Rikyo garden and heading for the boat ride for Sumida River Cruise  to Asakusa , the last temple to visit.

Shopping was offered to satisfy ourselves before leaving , tired but happy..

Words only cannot express our gratitute to you but all those will stay in our hearts, always

I am looking forward to having a visit to Japan  in the nearest future.

God bless you all and God bless me too.

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